Customizable appearance on dashboard,player and apps lets you tune snappin to easily match your brand identity


We use SSL 256-bit aes encryption on every layer of our stack to grant our customers privacy and security

Ultimate Flexibility

Multiple resolution and multiple orientation support, touch-support works out-of-the-box with virtually any HID devices

Remote configuration

You can always change a device settings to match a newly attached monitor or a different venue

mobile focused

A dynamic market needs dynamic solutions: you can use all the Snappin features directly on your smartphone 

Built for Performance

Forget complex widget or add-ons systems. Each of our 4 content types support has been developed with simplicity and performance in mind.

Simple yet powerful dashboard

Control your devices, content and services on a single, modern and powerful dashboard


It's all about the content

The philosophy behind Snappin is simple: every device in the venue is a touch-point with both your sales-force and your customers. With this in mind, we built the tool so you can easily add or update a venue and assign devices to it. Then you can start assigning rich content (videos,overlays,touch-enabled apps) or functionalities (CRM,Training) to the venue and deploy to the devices.


  • video

    Manage your media library, organize it on a per-venue basis. Scale,rotate and assign content to playlists.
    Resolution support up to 4096x2160 pixels 

  • image

    Configure your brand identity on the device fleet, set a background image to be shown while the device operates outside the playlist context, create image slideshow with a resolution up to 4096x2160 pixels

  • touch apps

    Create and deploy HTML5 applications enhanced with the Snappin Javascript SDK

  • url

    Set the device to show a website with optional snippet injection for better integration


An effective way for managing both your devices and your content.

With Snappin you always have the situation under control - how your devices are performing, what content is being displayed, how they are dislocated across your venues, in real-time.

device features

  • real-time

    Every device and touch-point (dashboard, customers or sales-force application) is linked real-time through Snappin. Gather real-time data or act on-the-fly: with Snappin is possible

  • proximity

    Support for iBeacon, AltBeacon, URIbeacon, NFC - Interaction with customers oriented mobile apps, IR and optic proximity sensors, EAN/QRcode scanner

  • ota updates

    Every device gets system and content updates over-the-air on a schedule or on-demand basis

  • display control

    Set when the display should be turned on and off remotely, get information and diagnostic


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Snappin.io and the Advertising of Things

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